Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

Well, I'm nine days in to my diet and I've lost 15 lbs. It's actually been pretty easy so far. I had a couple weak moments and ate a handful of chips (my eternal weakness). Angela made a soup yesterday (Potato & Leek) and it was AMAZING (said in Oprah-like fashion). I'm learning how much food I really need... I'm eating about 1/3 the volume of what I used to and about 1/10 of the calories. Restaurants are the hardest, but most have healthy options. I don't have much of a strategy other than just to eat only what I need and only healthy food. Before you praise me (Mom), realize that it's only been 9 days out of the last 3,650.

We still haven't found out Angela's surgery date... hopefully we'll get a call early this week. Angela and the kids had a great time on the Island. Lots of ice cream and swimming.

I had fun as we gathered this morning. Isaac and team did an over-the-top job of leading us in worship. I fumbled through the sermon and I hope the message of the text came out somewhat coherent! In case you came out confused, know this... even when the world thinks you're an idiot for believing in Jesus, know that they too are just one experience with Christ away from becoming a fellow "idiot" and they just might experience Christ through your witness.

It was good to hear from Lynn B. on how the Skatin trip went. Members from the Beisel, Lambert, and Moses families served for a week on this reserve. They helped renovate a house, taught life skills, and made friends with some great people. This opportunity has been a four year initiative of The Crosscurrent Church and Youth For Christ in Mission. We are happy that folks from our Church family have been able to serve alongside.

You may have also noticed a bunch of tired looking adults and campers this Sunday too. They just got back from an amazing week at kids camp. I look forward to hearing more about their experience in the weeks to come. Our youth are at youth camp this week. A number of our youth served at kids camp and are now going to youth camp! Pray for them this week.

I'm really excited for the launch of our "Acts Challenge" next Sunday ( We'll be spending 29 days (September 2-30) reading Acts, praying, and fasting. The purpose isn't to just do a religious activity, but to allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through this process that we and those we love might be transformed.

I hope you have a great week as we take Christ from the corner to the centre of our life, in our homes, neighbourhoods, and workplaces!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dealing With Loss & Diets

Maybe it was the clouds this morning, but I woke up a bit on the groggy side of life. That quickly changed when I arrived at the church building and the rhythms of Sunday morning began. I think my favourite part about our Sunday gatherings is the hour before. I love watching the music team set-up, teachers race to the copier, the breakfast team make coffee, and folks roll in. It feels intimate, like family, and yet it also feels much bigger than just us.

Chad and the team did an outstanding job leading us in worship today. I loved seeing Nathaniel play bass... I'm still waiting for his uncle to breakout the trombone. Isaac helped organize the chili cook-off after the service and it was a lot of fun. Sadly, the judges were off their game, but other than that, it was fun. I didn't mind losing to Ethel, but losing to a vegetarian chili really hurt.

Thanks to those who served so graciously at the chili cook-off too... from those that made chilis to those that helped set-up and clean-up. Thank you!

Perhaps the highlight of my weekend was hearing a lady from our Church tell me about someone on her MY5 list that gave their heart to Jesus this week. He used to sell drugs, but God got a hold of his life through the prayers of loving people and he is now getting baptized at a church in Langley this week! How cool is that!

Following the cook-off, Angela and the kids headed off to my parents for a week. It's a busy week for me at the College so this helps them forget about my long work hours.

On Friday I started a diet. I am cutting out most carbs and cutting way back on sugar. A part of me would rather die than eat healthy food, but... to live is Christ, to die is gain.  Last night I had spaghetti squash with some tomato sauce and a giant bowl of salad. It was horrible. What I wouldn't give for a piece of garlic bread right now. To make things worse, Angela is gone this week and I would normally live off of fast food while she's away, but that won't work.

I chatted with Aaron at the cook-off as he's been a diet and exercise machine the last couple years. He's set a great example and one day I may be as buff as he.

We had some new neighbours move in across the street. I'm looking forward to meeting them once they've had a couple days to settle in. Sad to see our old neighbours move away... while Angela was going through chemo we would randomly find chocolate bars in our mailbox and we found out after that they were from them! They also kept their yard in perfect shape... which is my love language :)

I'm going to try and tackle my piano re-purposing this week too. Wish me luck!  Isaac will be finishing up painting the lobby at the church building. If anyone wants to help him you can email him (

Our Foursquare Kids Camp is this week (Monday-Saturday). Please pray for the campers and leaders. We have a great kids camp program and its all because of dedicated, generous, and servant-hearted leaders. They deserve a medal.

Have a great Monday and remember that no matter what storms come your way, Jesus is standing by you, calling you to take courage, and reminding you of the glory that will come from your suffering for Him.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Mashup

August is almost half over! Summer is going by too quickly. Starting next week things ramp up for me at Pacific Life Bible College as we get ready for another year of equipping leaders for service to the local Church. It looks like we'll have the largest freshman class in our history so there will be lots of enthusiasm and lots of work!

On Saturday we headed over to my Aunt & Uncle's in Coquitlam for a Nelson family reunion. It was a great day filled with eating good food, swimming, and connecting with wonderful people. Angela and I consider ourselves super blessed because of the families we have. They are a family who have supported us so much with kind words, prayer, and fasting.  During the first leg of our journey with Angela's cancer I don't think there was a day that went by where one of our relatives wasn't praying and fasting for us. Many signed up for their 'day of the week' and are starting back up again for this next leg. Due to schedules and proximity we don't get to see each all that much, but when we do it is so much fun.

I don't know about you, but I really enjoyed our gathering on Sunday. Tony always does such a great job in leading our Church family in worship through song. Our kids had a blast in nursery and Sunday School. The Vanson's rocked the continental breakfast and I enjoyed interviewing Calvin W. I love hearing people's stories.

On Monday some friends and I surprised Angela with a small birthday party at the Hersey's. It was a fun evening filled with more good food, more swimming, and some karaoke! Mark and Katy are such gracious hosts and we were blessed to celebrate Angela's 30th birthday with such nice and loving people.

On Tuesday, Angela had a nice birthday lunch with her parents and then I "cooked" dinner... we had Prawn Garden (best Chinese in Mission), McDonald's, and slurpees. The kids thought they had died and gone to Heaven... so did I...

Wednesday night was filled with more nice people and good food. We spent the entire dinner laughing at our parents and their struggles with technology (sorry, Mom and Dad). When our friend's mom got her first laptop, she opened it up and then proceeded to speak slowly and loudly, "Email Linda".  When the computer didn't do anything, she repeated herself. This went on for a while until her kids broke it to her that it didn't recognize voice commands. We reminisced about watching our parents painfully figure out how to use a debit card... hoping they could find the chequing account button before the system timed out. I could go on, but it's a bit painful.

In my spare hours I'm working on taking apart an upright piano and converting it to be my home office desk. The monitors will go in the upper cabinet part and the keyboard will go in between the keys. It's proving to be more difficult than anticipated. Getting the cast-iron harp part of the piano out is a pain.

Today we have the annual Foursquare Invitational golf tournament at Redwoods in Langley. There's nothing like golfing for work! Angela's going away with a couple friends till Sunday morning so I'm on kid duty. We are going to weed on Saturday. Ruby is not excited. Charlie can't wait to use all the shovels.

I hope you have a great weekend filled with God's grace and power!