Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Update

It's been a busy December, but I need to give an update on life as this is more effective than answering a thousand questions!

Last Tuesday, Angela and I went to a specialist at the Vancouver Cancer Clinic to go over the latest CT scan. It looks like there is nothing new to report since the surgery. There are still small tumors on her intestine that could stay like that for a while or grow larger and spread. We are going to wait until the New Year to decide when to go back on chemo.

Angela continues to heal from the surgery, it's a slow process, but each week she gets a bit stronger. She finds on days where she over does it, her incision begins to hurt again on the days following.

Thank you to all our prayer supporters out there! You are a blessing to us. While we still have moments in the each week and day where it is difficult, the vast majority is filled with peace and joy. Our kids are at such a fun stage of life that it's hard not to smile and laugh.

Angela, Ruby, and Angela's mom went to see the Nutcracker yesterday. They had lunch at Old Clayburn store and bought some candy for Charlie and me! Charlie and I did some man stuff (got the cast iron harp out of the piano I'm converting into a desk) while they were out.

Friday was a ton of fun as our Church built a float for Mission's Candlelight Parade! So many generous volunteers came out to help build, operate, and clean-up. It all came together quite well and turned out to be a fantastic evening. We faced monsoon-like rain, sleet, and hail, but we didn't give up! Much thanks to everyone for their help!

Today was a fun morning with Parkside Church! Our gathering felt a little more festive and filled with even more cheer. I'm always encouraged and inspired by everyone in our Church family... so many gracious folks!

On a sad note, I found out this morning that the Moses' are moving to Prince George in a couple weeks for work. Casey and Charmaine have been such a great part of our Church family. They have always been an encouragement to me and others. Our loss is Prince George's gain.

I have one busy week left as the College enters its last week of the fall semester, then it's time for marking and Christmas rest! Until next time, have a great week and Christmas!!