Monday, May 7, 2012

Biopsy Results

Angela and I had a meeting with the oncologist today where we received the pathology report from last week's stomach scope. All the biopsies came back clear! There is no sign of cancer at 'ground zero' where there used be a giant ulcer/tumour thing.

Angela will have a PET scan done in Vancouver in a few weeks which will give the doctors another angle, but our oncologist was surprised at the change. After the PET scan, our oncologist will meet with the other specialists in BC to go over Angela's case and determine a new recommendation for monitoring or treatment.

This is another great step forward towards a miraculous healing! Thank you for your past, present, and future prayers! Thank you, Jesus, for this good report!!


  1. praise God for his Mercy.

  2. AMAZING!!!! Praise the LORD! I'm so thankful for you and for us and for all your loved ones! God bless xo

  3. God is still in the miracle business, are we surprised? Well we certainly are rejoicing with you!

  4. We had a fabulous whoop it up this am before 6am when we got the email and the Yeah God resounded throughout Merville, what a glorious day, we will continue to pray for the power and the GLORY of God to be shared through this testimony. My blog had a pic on about taking what you need, Anglea took Faith and Courage throughout this process and now she has grabbed a hold of Hope and the tears of joy just keep streaming down my face...C

  5. many many many GLORY HALLELUJAH'S! so happy for u guys! with u all the way (bill&helen @ CFC. Christian Fellowship Centre 1st Ave.) and Mission Ministerial..

  6. YES!!! Praise God! I will share this awsome news with my church family that have been faithfully praying for you!

    May God continue to reveal Himself in a greater way through this journey....

    Blessings from New Brunswick,
    ~Wendy Leblanc (Mazerolle)~

  7. Taste and see the Lord is good!! Yes and Amen! I have been dancing with this news since Wednesday! He is good. Praying for complete and thorough healing in all areas...that yes the doctors are amazed and will KNOW this is the hand of the Living God, Creator of the Universe!!and He loves Angela so very much
    deborah struk

  8. Wow wow wow... thank you Jesus!!!! YES!!!
    Praying with you guys still... :)

    -Chris and Jaki