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One of my life long dreams was to create an accrediting firm where companies would send us their products, we would test them, and then if we liked them, we'd give our seal of approval.  The seal would serve as an added marketing tool for the manufacturer.  It would also help the busy consumer.  The measuring criteria would be along the lines of "best bang for the buck" and only one seal would be given out per category.  This would allow the busy consumer to go to our website and click a category like "Digital Point & Shoot Cameras" and see our recommended camera.  They wouldn't have to go through a large grid of options like Consumer Reports, they'd simply see the best bang for the buck camera.  Since my calling doesn't include this initiative, I'll settle for this little page of my "top buys".


Olukai Moloa Shoes ($149)
I spent almost a year looking for a new casual shoe (my last pair lasted me seven years) and found just about every one either looked stupid or felt horrible.  I have tried on about 40 pairs, browsed about 25 stores, and searched through the line-up (I don't like buying shoes online because I hate returning things).  I found my shoe for the next five or so years.  The only weaknesses to these bad boys are they don't slip on very easily (soft heel) and they are a bit hot.  However, they are very comfortable.  The best place to buy them locally is MEC.

TOP BUYS 2011 

Salomon XR Crossmax ($139)
I was inspired by a local Foursquare Pastor to get in better shape for the sake of my family and while I haven't been perfect in my routine, I have made significant improvements.  One of the major things with running was the comfort of my feet.  I found that with the wrong shoes, the soles of my feet would kill for a few days after.  Then, I discovered these bad boys.  It's like running on a cloud.  They are great in rainy weather and for trails (I hate running on roads).  I bought them locally at Valhalla Pure (really nice staff btw).

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