Sunday, January 23, 2011

Confessing Our Sins

Explore More | January 23-29, 2011
Spiritual Disciplines (Week 7): Confession (Part 2)

KNOW | Study
Read James 5:16; John 20:21-23; Proverbs 28:13; and Acts 19:23-41.  Take time to read these portions of Scripture.  Observe the principles involved and their impact on our lives.

GROW | Discussion Option #1
Why is confession, especially to another person, so difficult?  In your experience what has kept you from confessing either your public (direct offense/hurt towards someone) or private (unwitnessed/internal) sins to another person?  What kind of a person should you confess your private sins to?

GROW | Discussion Option #2
What benefits are there in confessing our private sins to one another?
  What about confession to one is good for you?  What about confession is good for the other person?  What about confession is good for those in your life?

SOW | Application
Develop a deep relationship with someone.  If you don't have a mature friend in Christ, make steps to develop that relationship.  It's okay for that relationship to take time... be purposeful, but don't push people!  If you have something immediately to confess you can connect with an Elder or Pastor of the same gender as yourself.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Financial Peace Universtity

On Sunday, January 29th, following our morning we service, we start Financial Peace University!  Over 25 families have signed up to take this course, so the fruit from our steps will be huge as we become better stewards of God's resources.  Click the photo above to go to the preview page for this or click here:

Friday, January 14, 2011

Family Fun in the Snow!

I hope you took some time to have fun in the snow this week (because we don't get it very often).  This week our family went out and had some fun shoveling ours and some of our neighbour's driveways and sidewalks (my muscles are still store).  It was a lot of fun to watch Charlie (one year old son) struggle in his straight-jacket of a snowsuit... he loved every minute of it.  Ruby had fun "shoveling" and making snow angels.  At one point she asked me, "Dad, how did you get so good at shoveling?"  To which I replied,  "many years of hard and long days of back breaking labour."  She then asked me to remove all the snow from our backyard so that she could ride her bike.  Angela had fun taking pictures with a camera that didn't have its memory card it in :)

A number of families last Sunday afternoon hit Griner Hill for some good times sledding (see photo above; taken by Jim Watson).  If you want to see the before photo (looks of terror as they careen down the hill) you'll need to check out this Sunday's Newsletter.

Why Does God Allow Evil?

By Randy Alcorn (from

December 28, 2010 —  Now that Jesus has triumphed over sin and death in His cross and resurrection, why does our world still contain so much evil and suffering? Perhaps part of the answer is that suffering is a process. This process by which we mature is built into our God-given humanity.

Someday this Earth will be remade into a new world. Meanwhile, God is not only preparing a place for us, He’s preparing us for that place, through our suffering and growth in character.

We prefer that God would immediately crush and remove evil, not allowing it to hurt us. And because we know God is all-powerful, we may be puzzled why He doesn’t immediately demonstrate His power by preventing tragedies and healing diseases. ... [READ MORE]

Thursday, January 13, 2011

StreetHope Needs

StreetHope here in town needs some supplies to help out some families:
  • Sofa suitable for young children
  • Over the Toilet bathroom Shelf
  • Double bed
  • Sofa
  • Sofa or love seat
  • Towels, pots and pans,dresser,dishes, silverware
  • Toaster, pots and pots and pans, sheets for double bed, 2 bar stools, dish drainer, mop, coat hangers, table and floor lamps, bedside tables.
  • Hot plate, electric fryer, towels dish and bath
If you can help, contact

Monday, January 10, 2011

Vision Sunday Recap

The Power of One: Church from The Foursquare Church on Vimeo.

Yesterday we gathered to worship Jesus and hear from Him the objectives for our Church family in the year 2011.  I am humbled to coordinate this process and spent some time reflecting on not only what we are going to do this year, but the importance of us doing it together.

We looked at our past (watch the video above), we looked at our future, and then we looked at the present (year 2011).  Although we all agree on our history, future, and the general objective of the present (the Great Commission), the Church often breaks down when it comes to getting along and working together.  We rarely disagree on the destination, but we often disagree on the path and pace in which it will take to get there, together.  Many people run off ahead, abandon the group, or apathetically participate.

Our challenge is to die to self and serve one another by following Jesus together!  Below is the path and pace (our objectives) for the year 2011:

Objectives for Mission Foursquare Church in 2011:

1.  Continue to grow up (both personally and corporately) through things like engaging in Sunday Gatherings, attending Financial Peace University course, attending the next Truth Project course, joining/starting a small group, and participating in Freedom Sessions this Fall.

2.  Expand our Eldership both in number and in leadership.  Will you be ready to be an elder in one year, five years, or ten years?  Continue to grow in your love for Christ and serve those around you out of your love Him.

3.  Be more intentional about sharing in the work.  Consider how you can help out with the work and ministry of our Church family.  We currently need help in Sound, Sunday School, Janitorial, and Continental Breakfast hosts.

4.  Simplify and increase in excellence.  We're always open to ideas so please keeping thinking and praying about the ministry we have been called to!

5.  Develop greater community.  Sign up for our weekly email newsletter (go to our website to do this) and attend events you've never been to before.  Invite someone over for lunch or go for a walk with someone new!

6.  Encourage greater participation in small groups and start more small groups.  Join or start a small group... it doesn't have to be complicated.  Use the "Explore More" guides, pray with one another, and support one another.

7.  Unified in our giving.  Continue or start giving generously to our Church family so we can do all the things we are called to do!  Don't give with strings attached, but give freely... there's nothing like it in the world!

January 9-15, 2011

Study: Read Heb 13:8; Mtt. 18:29-20; Ecc. 4:9-12.  Take time to read these portions of Scripture.  Observe the principles involved and their impact on our lives.

Discussion - Option #1: If we work together can we really achieve more?  In a world where technology allows for less dependence on one another, is the belief that we can achieve more together still true?  How does this apply to our Church?

Discussion - Option #2: What personal desires are we supposed to let die and what ones do we protect (if any)?  How big is the God that you know?  How much do you trust Him to be who He says is and fulfill what He has promised?  How much to you believe in the resurrecting, redeeming power of the cross?  How much do you rely on the Spirit's power and gifting?

Application: Of the objectives given for 2011 where can you participate and help out?  See the back for a summary of our Church's objectives for 2011.  Take time to discuss with loved ones and pray about your part in God's family here at Mission Foursquare Church.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Bottle Drive

Last Saturday (Jan. 1st) about 30 came out to collect and sort bottles for our 2011 Kid's Camp fundraiser kick-off.  I am amazed at the dedication and love of our Church family.  We had young and old out to help for a great cause.  Last year we helped over 25 kid's get to camp and we hope to increase that this year!