Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Big Thank You!

We had a special evening on Saturday night as we were treated to special show by the Connaught Skating Club in Richmond, BC. Angela's mom has been a ballet teacher with the club for sixteen years and when they heard about Angela their love for others went into action. 65 skaters and over 600 people turned out to enjoy the event and support Angela. Proceeds from the event were directed to Angela and will be used to help with medical expenses and care support.

Our family is very grateful to all the folks that showed up and all those who worked so hard to run this event. Thank you to the skaters, coaches, volunteers, and show organizers, Aundrea and Keegan! Your gift of time, talents, and finances towards our family is a special gift and we are very grateful. Knowing there are so many people who love and support Angela is a bright light in a dark time.

Thank you!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Life in the Tough Stuff

This last week was a tough one. Angela developed some recent health challenges including stomach pain, gall bladder pain, ascites (fluid build up in the abdomen), and dehydration. She spent Friday night and most of Saturday in the hospital on an IV and this morning she went in for a fluid tap (they drained 6L of fluid!). The rest of this week will be filled with rest, more scans, and more meetings with doctors.

I was the most weary I’ve been in a long time on Sunday morning… even after a long night’s sleep. I can’t imagine how Angela feels through all of this.

I really needed our Sunday gathering with our church and felt rejuvenated throughout and after. The body of Christ (the church) is such a needed part of life. Our church has been such a blessing: loving our kids, cooking meals, doing our laundry, bringing fresh flowers, and of course, praying like crazy!

On Friday, Elisa took Charlie to the zoo so Angela could rest. On Friday night, our dear friend, Renee, helped Angela in the ER which resulted in her being on the wrong end of some vomit. Angela's sister, Claire, stayed up with Angela on Friday in the hospital till midnight. On Saturday, Anna-Lisa watched our kids from 7:00am onward. And for the last two days, Angela’s parents have watched our kids so I could work and Angela could rest.

This week’s a bit up in the air as much of our routine will be determined by Angela’s schedule and health. We’re getting more used to being flexible, but it’s still hard.

In other news, Ruby continues to love school. As a parent, you wonder about throwing your kid to the wolves (aka public school), but seeing her engage and grow amongst her little peers is an encouragement. I continue the prayers that my parents prayed over me, that our kids would have soft hearts to Jesus, understand and live according to Scripture, find good friends, find favor with teachers, be strong in the face of temptation, and know and do God’s will. It is my observation that good and wise parents not only pray this, but also live this out in the smallest details of life. I hope that our kids one day will call us good and wise.

Charlie is so much fun right now. He knows he’s a ham and takes full advantage of this gift. Yes, I call it a gift. He makes us laugh all through the day and that’s been a good thing for us.

I hope all is well in your world. And by ‘well’, I mean your life is wrapped around Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and soon-coming return. Each one of those accomplishments in Christ’s life and mission has critical significance in how we live life today and tomorrow. This is how I frame my day and it makes all the difference.

That’s enough preaching for now! Have a great day and a great week.