Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Update on Angela

Angela had her stomach scope today and it went well.  She is home now and a bit tired and light-headed, but in good spirits.

The doctor had to leave right after the scope so we just saw his scribbled notes and heard the nurse's interpretation.  The biopsy report and follow-up meeting with the doctor will be in 3-6 weeks  This report and meeting will be a much more definitive analysis.

That being said, the visible ulcer-looking part of the tumour wasn't there, only a reddish area (of which they took a biopsy).  Everything else looked normal!

It definitely looks like progress and hopefully the completion of a miracle.

Thanks to everyone for their support and prayers.


  1. i'll just say "woo hoo!!!", for the record!

    1. I'm WooHoohing right along with you Amanda!

  2. continuing to pray for complete healing and more good reports!!


  3. A secret reader over here in Ontario. A sister who has been praying for this woman who hs touched so many that her legacy has somehow made it here. Praying that your faith will be rewarded here on earth.

  4. Thank you Clint for updating us on your wonderful wife. We continue to stand with you in prayer for a miracle for her!
    We love you guys!

  5. many blessings to all of you. we will continue to pray every day for Angela's miracle. You are much loved.