Saturday, June 26, 2010

Explore More: Ephesians, Week 7

KNOW | Personal Study
Read 1 John.   It's a short letter but reveals powerful truth about the nature and character of true love.  Reading this letter will give greater clarity and application to what Paul is talking about in this week's Scripture.

GROW | Discussion - Option #1
What are the characteristics of God?   A lot of people gut hung up on a particular vehicle or fruit that delivers or reveals God's character, but those things were never designed to be the focus.  Churches and Christians often emphasize prophecy, healing, feeding the homeless, evangelism, etc.  However, the focus for the Christian is to be on Jesus.  As we follow Him, we become more like him, and we become known for His characteristics, not the fruit that His presence exudes.  When we are known for the fruit, we get the glory; but when we are known for who Jesus us in us, He gets the glory.  Love isn't a fruit of God; it is His very character and presence.

GROW | Discussion - Option #2
Why is love such a powerful exchange?  Why do people do crazy, irrational things in the pursuit of giving or receiving love?

SOW | Application
This week's application is obvious... love one another.  Ask God to strengthen you to understand Christ's love for you and allow His presence to be experienced through the people you live with and come in contact with.

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