Friday, February 8, 2013


Angela began another round of chemo treatment yesterday. She did not have much fun yesterday, but today has been a bit better... no vomit!  She's discovered CBC's Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean. Wait until I get her on to David Sedaris ( Humour is good thing.

This week was one of our most difficult and we are grateful it's Friday. Coming off a busy weekend, then on to medical appointments, treatments, a sick support team, and an intense head cold left us exhausted this week. There were moments where there was no energy to get up, yet after a quick prayer requesting strength, we would somehow find ourselves up and going.

Each week I listen to a few sermons from pastors that I respect (because they wrestle honestly with the Word and and live a life of integrity). Two of my favourites (I listen to their messages just about every week) are Pastor Barry McGaffin (Kingsway Foursquare in Burnaby, BC) and Randy Remington (Beaverton Foursquare in Portland, OR). This past week, I listened to Pastor Barry's Jan. 27th message, "What did the blind men see?", and it has been feeding me for days. You can listen to it here: Get in a place where you can listen (really listen) and you will be encouraged.

We are grateful for the countless mercies of God that He has extended to us in days past. We are grateful for new mercies today and we continue to seek His mercy. He is a merciful God.

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  1. Total fan of David Sedaris! And don't get my family started with the Vinyl Cafe... CBC freaks! I am praying for you guys with all my heart. Gracious Lord, let them know that you are with them. Strengthen their faith and bodies every step of the way. Thank you, Lord!