Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We Are All Canucks

At 7:00pm the playoffs we have been waiting for begins!  Get out your white towel, warm up the oven, and perform some stretches.  Even if you don't like sports or hockey, the reality is that it is a major part of our culture (we are all canucks) and we can either reject it or use it. 

So here's my challenge to you... instead of sitting alone in the dark tonight, go over to your neighbour's and watch it (bring good food with you) or invite some neighbours over (only if you have a better tv and can provide good food) and watch it.  You don't have give them the four spiritual laws, just watch the game with them and talk about whatever comes up.  Be a friend.  Be a good neighbour.  Love them the way that Christ loves you.  Don't be weird about it.  Don't be someone you're not.  Don't drink their beer if you didn't bring any to replace it (and replace with an equivalent or more expensive variety).  Out give them, but don't refuse gifts (because that's weird too).

Live the great commission and take Jesus (in you) to your neighbours tonight.  If (when) the Canucks make it to the end you'll be able to celebrate two victories... the Stanley Cup and the making of a good friend.

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