Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where Am I Monday to Thursday?

If you've been a part of our Church for a while now, you've probably heard me talk a bit about my other place of employment, Pacific Life Bible College, in Surrey.  Most Monday to Thursdays you can find me here.

I started working at Pacific Life Bible College in 1998 (while I was a student) and have been working there in different capacities ever since.  It's a great place to work.  The staff, faculty, and community of students are amazing.  It's also a great fit for serving our Church too.  My experience in our Church helps bring relevance to the College and my experience at the College brings a number of benefits to the Church.

My current role at PLBC allows me to serve our future (and current) youth pastors by coordinating the Youth Ministry Institute.  Since we are a small school (about 160 students) I get to wear a few other hats too!

Currently we have about 30 of our students out traveling the world.  One team is in Thailand for a month.  A second team (of which our own Isaac Dagneau is a part of) is traveling across Canada for six weeks ministering through drama, music, and more.  The third team is touring the Northwest US using the same format as the Canada team.

When you make a moment, I encourage you to remember PLBC in your prayers.  Our future pastors, missionaries, counselors, and leaders are being trained here.

If you're ever in the area, stop by and I'll give you a tour and buy you a coffee!

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